I created “Love Vignettes” the summer of 2014. I was walking around with my camera, looking for inspiration when I realized that I had an unexpressed desire to ‘capture’ love. Real love - not prompted or feigned.

I was trying to get as close as I could to people without interrupting their flow. After awhile, I realized that if they are really living in the moment, they will be in a trance, and they will not notice me. However, I wanted to have more options, so I rented a better camera and a Canon 100-400mm L lens that gave me a lot more flexibility.

Soon, I got a sixth sense about when something good was about to happen. It is magical. I sat down when I saw a couple on the grass (guy with tattoo on his arm) very far away from me across a valley, and I just started taking photos of them. They were so far away that I did not see the expressions on their faces until I got home and loaded up the photos.

It was a lot of fun creating this work. I walked around and around the park, and I was there to see things ignite between two people. I think of these photos as freeze-framed movies.